SPADE Single Back, Black, 9/10 oz. ave. 21.50 ft2/pc.

New Pre-Order SPADE Single Back, Black, 9/10 oz. ave. 21.50 ft2/pc.

Native European Steer/Young Bull Single Backs (Half Dosset), slowly Veg-tanned with a mix of our secret antique recipe including Oak, Chesnut, Mimosa and Quebracho tannin extracts.

Vegetable-tanning is the true traditional way of tanning a hide.  Veg-tanning has always been the old-worlds inalienable material for decades.  This artisanal process takes advantage from several tannic acids naturally found in plants, by using the tree barks, branches and leaves.  It has the most beautiful smell of nature such as wood and earth.

General characteristics:

  • Tanning:    100% Vegetable tanned, It is dyed in drums in order to develop deep, consistent colors with waxes and tallows. After the dying process, the leather is then hot stuffed with pre determined amounts of spew on the grain and flesh, giving it the smooth feel. Upon completition the leather will be stiff, Though with the proper care and an good amount of break-in time it will become soft and supple with a lot of strength.
  • Content:    European Steers / Young Bulls / Ox Heifers.
  • Grain:    Tight and small grain structure.
  • Finishing:   Dyed thru, and oil treated by hand.
  • Quality:    There is absolutely no fire brands/marks, may have few natural defects.
  • Average square feet:    Average 16,00 ft2/pc.
  • Substance:    Tanning and substance is controlled to perfection.
  • Ideal for:    Good for Belting, Bags, Holsters, Harness, Skirting, Bridle, Equestrian goods, Stamping, Tooling, Embossing and all leather accessories. 

Available thicknesses:  

    (gauged in 3 different spots)

  • 5/6 oz. (2.0/2.4 mm.)
  • 6/7 oz. (2.4/2.8 mm.)
  • 7/8 oz. (2.8/3.2 mm.)
  • 8/9 oz. (3.2/3.6 mm.)
  • 9/10 oz. (3.6/4.0 mm.)
  • 10/11 oz. (4.0/4.4 mm.)
  • 11/12 oz. (4.4/4.8 mm.)
  • 12/13 oz. (4.8/5.2 mm.)
  • 13/+ oz. (5.2/+ mm.)


    (Satra Standards - 2017)

  • for 5.000 ft2 of more;

                 60 % A Grade 

                 30 % B Grade

                 10 % C Grade


        Per piece based on average square feet.

Available Colors:

  • Black.
  • Brown.
  • Tobacco.

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