DECK Double Back, Natural, 9/10 oz. ave. 38 ft2/pc.

Pre-Order DECK Double Back, Natural, 9/10 oz. ave. 38 ft2/pc.

Native European Steer/Young Bull Double Back (Dosset) slowly Veg-tanned with a mix of our secret antique recipe including Oak, Chesnut, Mimosa and Quebracho tannin extracts.

Vegetable-tanning is the true traditional way of tanning a hide.  Veg-tanning has always been the old-worlds inalienable material for decades.  This artisanal process takes advantage from several tannic acids naturally found in plants, by using the tree barks, branches and leaves.  Its natural appearance has a slight beige color coming from the plant extracts, which changes to a caramel tone with a natural patina over time.  It has the most beautiful smell of nature such as wood and earth.

General characteristics:

  • Tanning:    100% Vegetable tanned
  • Content:    European Steers / Young Bulls / Ox Heifers
  • Grain:    Tight and small grain structure.
  • Finishing:   Naked full grain, natural with no finishing, no printing.
  • Quality:    There is absolutely no fire brands/marks, may have some natural defects.
  • Range and Average square feet:   Average 38.00 ft2/side.
  • Substance:    Tanning and substance is controlled to perfection.
  • Ideal for:    Good for Belting, Bags, Holsters, Equestrian goods, Moulding, Stamping, Tooling, Embossing and all leather accessories. 

Available thicknesses:  

    (gauged in 3 spots)

  • 2/3 oz. (0.8/1.2 mm.)
  • 3/4 oz. (1.2/1.6 mm.)
  • 4/5 oz. (1.6/2.0 mm.)
  • 5/6 oz. (2.0/2.4 mm.)
  • 6/7 oz. (2.4/2.8 mm.)
  • 7/8 oz. (2.8/3.2 mm.)
  • 8/9 oz. (3.2/3.6 mm.)
  • 9/10 oz. (3.6/4.0 mm.)


    (Satra Standards - 2017)

  • for 5.000 ft2 of more;

                 60 % A Grade 

                 30 % B Grade

                 10 % C Grade


        Per piece based on average square feet.

Available derivative articles and descriptions:

  • V1    Naked natural grain
  • NUBUCK    Buffed grain with fine paper
  • SPADE    Dyed thru, full grain, analine fin.
  • SPADE-M    Dyed thru, full grain, analine fin., milled
  • DIAMOND    Dyed thru, full grain, semi-analine fin, printed
  • PULL-UP    Dyed thru, full grain, oily fin.
  • LATIGO    Dyed thru, full grain, excess oiled fin.
  • CRAZY    Dyed thru, full grain, oiled waxed fin.
  • CLUB    Dyed thru, corrected grain, finished, printed

Available Colors:

  • Natural (Special recipe of Veg extracts gives a soft beige shade which is called natural color. (Most preferred by customers)
  • Natural nubuck (Natural color grain is slightly buffed with the finest buffing paper to give the grain a perfect nubuck touch)
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Tobacco
  • Chesnut
  • Navy
  • Green

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